Return & refund policy

Return & Refund Policy


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In case of termination of agreement or approved complaint  request. Return of marketing materials shall be requested in maximum 14 calendar days after any circumstance which justify the refund fact arise. 


Materials available in digital form shall be returned via e-mail to address requested by the Client.


Materials which return require shipment shall be returned to the place requested by the Client. Client is oblige to cover all shipment costs.


After prior by bipartisan consensus. Materials can be withdraw by Client personally. 


Company bears no responsibility for any damages which happen over the delivery.


In case Client overpay the invoice issued by the Company, double any of the payments or paid for any of the service which had not been agreed. After meeting time limes highlighted  in Terms & Conditions, Client has the right to request refund. 


Company will consider refund request as complaint and apply according policy for reply. 


If Client return claim is approved, Company will initiate a refund via any available payment method. Choice of the payment method to do the refund stay under sole Company discretion. 


Client will receive the refund within a certain amount of days, depending on your bank or payment institution  policies.

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If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, contact us: [email protected]